Do you know about A$AP BARI? No? It means you haven’t heard about VLONE’s clothing line. Jabari Shelton is best known for this VLONE clothing line. It is not wrong to say that he is the most polarizing character who was being loved and hated at the same time. Many people feel good about him and many hate him. But the story of Jabari Shelton to ASAP Bari is interesting. In this blog, we will know about Bari and how he earned popularity.

Introduction of Bari

One bright and cold day in New York, Bari took his first breath on 24 December 1991. Soon in 2000shis efforts showed results and he became a YOUNG LORD, known as ASAP Bari. ASAP means “Always Strive and Prosper.” It suits his personality as he never gave up and continued struggle throughout his life no matter if the people are loving him or throwing thrones of bad words in his way. Later on, he kept the collaborations going on and in 2006 marked himself as a co-founder of Hip Hop Collective, A$AP Mob The Hip Hop collective is itself a musical world with lots of producers, rappers, writers, content creators, video editors, and directors, fashion experts and designers. So this collaboration was beneficial for ASAP Bari.

Is Bari a Rapper or a fashion designer?

The simple answer is no, He was not a Rapper or Fashion designer but he collaborated in finding the many key personnel, and aligned partnership. Not just this but he established a clothing brand which is famous these days, named VLONE. 

VLONE Brand by ASAP Bari

VLONE is a street fashion clothing brand with the Slogan “You live alone, You die alone.” In an XXL magazine interview when ASAP Bari was asked about VLONE, he said that there is a feel behind the creation of this brand and its tag mark. He shared the feel sharing a part of his life. He added that there was a time when he felt alone as a kid, and in today’s world there are many kids who go through this feel daily. So VLONE stands for the kids who have the same feeling of loneliness. He further said that he took the feelings positively and created this VLONE brand. This partnership was begun with his fellow who was also a mob member, A$AP K (Kamoni Chandler).

VLONE’s marketing campaign is the main reason behind its popularity. It got hype and build an impression on the international market. It has built admiration and strengthened its roots deep into the international clothing market. Moreover, it got hype when famous entertainers wore the articles and did its marketing in Videos and commercials. His pop-up shop promotions proved to be another successful step in his journey of popularity. He believed that the Pop Up Shops can directly connect with those having interest in clothing. He said this is the best idea.

The VLONE brand touched the goal in 2017 when NIKE did the partnership with this brand. The Nike partnership was for the production of quality shoes because of the built credibility of VLONE. Furthermore, VLONE participated in a fashion show hosted by Paris in 2017.


Ups and Downs go side by side. No one can deny the lows when he is enjoying the highs. So, this is the case with A$AP Bari. He had a few public run-ins. The first case was reported when A$AP Bari punched a model, Ias Connor. But this was an insignificant altercation. The Bari was hit hard by the next altercation that turned the ruling throne down and affected Bari’s career. That is the case when A$AP Bari was accused of sexual misconduct with his friend. A$AP Bari forced her into a sexual act but when she refused he exposed her naked in front of ten other men. After two weeks a video came on the screens and Nike canceled its partnership with A$AP Bari. Later on, he was pleaded guilty to sexual harassment but to avoid court and legal actions he paid $2268 to the victim.

This is all about A$AP Bari. Even if you did not know him earlier, now you know about him even better. There are many more interesting things to know about A$AP Bari and his brand. Stay connected.

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