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Our Story

The concept of developing the mainstream evolution of pop-up music directly came up with the bang of Vlone productions. Someone feels so lucky to be part of Harlem, New York as this was considered the land of streetwear & casual fashion. The founder of this music production named Jabari Shelton but the world-known name as a great A$AP Bari who took this initiative 10 years ago. The success of Vlone music is directly associated with the A$AP members in which A$AP Bari, A$AP Rocky showed their immense hard work of developing the stance of rough & tough music harmony. Nevertheless, other crew members include Playboi Carti & Ian Connor also got many appreciations & likes for engaging the concept of pop music into the streets of Harlem & got much acknowledgment of Vs logos designs respectively.

After achieving the high success rate of Vlone as a music band, A$AP Bari moved some epic steps to convert this band into the best fashion clothing line brand ever. For that purpose, He further concerns with A$AP Rocky & then they officially added Clot Edison Chen who got professional abilities to turn something into great essence of hip & chic.

Vlone tends to inaugurate their great fashion line ever with the motive theme of LIVE ALONE & DIE ALONE, which got a great number of followers & huge traffic in the online store’s merchandise as well as physical Vlone stores which were held at the big cities of Hong Kong, NewYork & London. The retailers & wholesalers were ready to double their profits as the wave of Vlone would just rock the shows.

The love life of Vlone ready to immerse with the classic hoodies, t-shirts, sweatpants, accessories to the fashion world. V-outfits enables the styles with great comfier to the teenagers or young adults. The youth got something unique & so innovative in the form of Vlone merchandise products & time was just coming when the only streetwear music band turned its wave into the best fashion brand ever. Brands like Nike were ready to approach the shines of Vlone & the major collaboration of both these brands tends to make things happen. Well, the world gets that in the shape of Nike Air Force 1s in which the color labeling of Vlone Orange with black combo strikes the sales of retailers at its full peak.

After keeping emerging as a brand, it has been six years & the owner wants to play something bigger in 2017. He was ready to organize one outstanding exhibition which had a purpose to inaugurates the latest assortments of Vlone include Denim, sweatpants, hoodies, tees & many more so exceptional. The exhibition was held at the venue of Paris Fashion Peak.

It is true to say that remarkable V-printing took the Vlone assortments to a great peak all over the globe. This was quietly much loved & appreciated by the young adults. Everyone wants the big V, rough V, classical V, transparent V & many more like that stuff in their back & front wear.

VLONE Merchandise

Vlone was founded by A$AP Rocky, A$AP Bari, and Edison Chen from CLOT with the motto “you live alone, you die alone.” Bari described the brand as neither high fashion nor streetwear. Harlem, where A$AP Mob was founded, has a strong influence on A$AP Mob’s DNA.

Harlem was a hotbed of rap, rock, and pop in 2013. Street fashion brand ASAP MOB was born. Clothing became popular after Instagram users wore it. Street fashion enthusiasts know Vlone clothing for its hoodies and shirts. ASAP K, ASAP Rocky, Playboy Carti, and ASAP Bari found this brand in 2011. New York’s fashion hub, Harlem, is where we opened our store.

The brand’s other founders, except for Ian, a street-style influence, are still involved, but ASAP K has left. Other members helped the brand become a streetwear brand. The Vlone Merch offers clothing such as hoodies and T-shirts.


How did Vlone come to be?

When we ask who created Vlone, we immediately think of the hip-hop group ASAP MOB. There have been many projects featuring ASAP Mob clothing lines. Along with Edison Chen from CLOT, and Jabari Shelton, ASAP MOB owns ASAP Bari and ASAP Rocky. It emphasizes collaboration, no one is above another, and everyone contributes. Edison Chen created the clothing line. As the first brand leader, Bari took the lead. ASAP Rocky promotes ASAP’s brand awareness in 2014.

What is Vlone Fashion?

Vlone shirt, hoodies, and jackets are popular with ASAP Bari and Rocky. ASAP Rocky released a music video in 2014. T-shirts and hoodies were the only items available before then. They offered new streetwear clothes at a pop-up during Paris fashion week. The release of Rock Smith created a need for streetwear. Limited-edition clothing was displayed in a pop-up store in Los Angeles. Limited-edition it displayed clothing in a pop-up store in the worldwide.

Vlone Logo History

The hip-hop brand was founded by A$AP Rocky, A$AP Bari, and Edison Chen. There is no high fashion or streetwear about it. New York’s Harlem is the home of A$AP Mob.

 “Friends” Logo

There are many clothing items that display the logo “Friends-.”. That is to say, “Zero Friends” or “No Friends.” It is another way to say “Vlone,” which means “Alone.”.

The minus sign sometimes appears encircled in a circle, but sometimes it does not. It is unclear what the minus sign means without the circle. By surrounding the minus sign with a circle, it makes people wonder what it could mean.

“V” Logo

The Vlone logo comes in three versions. The “Friends-” logo usually appears on the back of clothing bearing the logo. The primary Vlone logo features the brand’s name in a highly readable serif font. The letter’s proportions are odd—the glyphs are unusually taller.

Vlone Logo

The Vlone logo features the word “Vlone” in bold, uppercase letters with a distinct “V” in the center. The letters are often seen in black or orange, with the “V” sometimes highlighted in white or a contrasting color. The logo is often used in streetwear fashion and is associated with the Vlone clothing line and lifestyle brand.

Hip-hop artists collaborate with Vlone

People are interested in buying clothing because some of them have collaborated with him. Hip-hop collaborations, such as, Vlone is a streetwear brand that was founded by A$AP Bari, a member of the hip-hop collective A$AP Mob. The brand has collaborated with several hip-hop artists, such as Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi Vert, and Juice WRLD, among others.

Vlone x Juice Wrld

Juice Wrld is known for its fashion, staff, and quality. Both brands went beyond epic in terms of smoothness, style, and authenticity. Positive thoughts can be turned into evil ones with Juice World 999. These two brands are incredibly different. The design of your clothing may be a deliberate example of your fashion uniqueness. The latest fashion trends are outfits from Vlone x Juice Wrld. A long list of Juice Wrld Vlone hoodies awaits your navigation.

Pop Smoke Vlone

“Meet the Woo 2 defined the brand-new line of merchandise.” Nicki Minaj and Travis Scott praised pop’s 2020 music albums. Several collaborations have taken place over the past year. One of the great fashion associations of 2014 is the pop smoke Vlone fashion line.

Vlone x NBA youngboy

Another great collaboration from NBA Youngboy.  “Top” is the latest album from the cool, but low-profile rapper. On the articles, the print is super cool and gothic. In the label, the artists Vlone x nba youngboy releases his latest albums. There are t-shirts, hoodies, and every day wear available in the clothing line. There is nothing more versatile than high couture that can be worn anywhere and anytime.

Vlone X Nav

In a return for his good intentions, NAV has returned with a bang. The vlone x nav collab street-wear brand collaborates with us. Fashion will continue to be the brand’s focus. Professional wrestling fans enjoy WOLFPAC stories quite a bit. We offer graphic tees and hoodies. Black, red, and white color schemes are available. All outfits are co-branded with XO.

Introducing the Vlone Collection 2023

As the logo for A$AP Rocky and A$AP Bari, the extended “V” became a symbol of the brand. As Bari explains, this brand is neither streetwear nor high fashion. There is a hood fashion scene in Harlem. The music video for Vlone by A$AP Rocky in 2014 launched the band to fame. Initial products included sweatshirts, hoodies, and jackets.


Our selection of shirts will satisfy fans of this high-quality brand. We design the apparel in this collection using a variety of modern techniques. You can find unique t-shirts with a variety of colors and patterns on our website. Vlone Shirt is the perfect summer top for your wardrobe.


Fashion clothing line with trendy and latest items for women, girls, and men. An art and fashion mecca, Harlem is home to this high-class brand. Harlem swag makes brand items popular with youth. We offer a wide variety of colors, patterns, and styles in this section of Vlone Hoodie. There is an amazing pattern on these friends’ Vlone hoodies. Here you will find the latest top-quality Hoodies at an affordable price. Vlone Hoodies & t-shirts are the major outfits for any merchandise.


The unique and stylish designs of Vlone tracksuits have made them increasingly popular. Tracksuits often feature detailed graphics, bold colors, and intricate details. As a result, they stand out from traditional tracksuits. Tracksuit is made with premium materials that are comfortable and durable. The unique, fashionable style of Vlone tracksuits and the durability and comfort of their high-quality materials make them a popular choice.


What was the secret to VLONE's success?

Founded by ASAP Bari, the ASAP Mob is a collective of artists and creative that helped promote and support the clothing line. ASAP Bari promoted the brand, and the ASAP Mob’s star power helped VLONE get more exposure. In addition to its high-quality and stylish designs, The collaborates with other popular artists and brands. VLONE clothing has become a status symbol for celebrities, athletes, and influencers.

Is Vlone a streetwear?

Founded by A$AP Bari (AKA Young Lord), VLONE is a streetwear brand supported by A$AP Rocky, Edison Chen, and (the founder of CLOT). When A$AP wore VLONE in 2013, the brand gained traction.

Does Vlone have a high level of quality?

VLONE is High-Quality Street Wear clothing is one of the most recognized items in the world. The Vlone Clothing is also distinguished by its nice polyester lining, besides its amazing design. Full-sleeved tops do not have white framework attached to their hemlines.

How did VLONE become so popular?

ASAP Bari provided VLONE with unique designs and creative direction. As well as its appearance at Paris Fashion Week in 2017, the brand collaborated with major fashion labels such as Nike and Off-White. The rapper also became popular because of its association with A$AP Rocky. Furthermore, its high-quality clothing and unique designs make it popular.

How rich is ASAP Rocky?

Various online sources estimate A$AP Rocky’s net worth to be $10 million. Despite his humble beginnings, he has grown into one of the richest rappers in the world.

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