The clothing company VLONE is a popular brand and has recently taken the fashion world by storm. This mass-market streetwear line has been featured by some of the most influential fashion bloggers in the world. Since its beginning in 2013, it has given people of all ages and classes easy access to high-end clothing. VLONE offers its customers affordable merchandise with a sleek design and a high-quality look at affordable rates. Over the years, the company has developed an extremely loyal customer base. This blog post will highlight 5 things that everyone should know about it. and A$AP BARI introduces a brand of clothing for streetwear and you can purchase these at Vlone LLC.


5 things You Should Know About vlone


What is VLONE?

VLONE is a clothing line created by A$AP Bari and A$SAP Rocky in 2013. Over the years, the brand has expanded to include a range of products such as Hoodies, footwear, and even a fragrance. Essentially, it is a clothing line and the brainchild of streetwear designers famous with the name A$AP brothers. They are known for their logo, which has been described as “a pair of inverted V’s that resemble the facial markings tigers have on their faces.”


What is the Story Behind VLONE?

This brand has an interesting backstory to it that has been talked about in different media coverage. It was started as a project between a couple of friends with no goal in mind and ended up gaining traction among hip hop artists and fashion enthusiasts, not to mention celebrities but such as Vlone x juice wrld. The clothes are heavily influenced by street culture which is what makes them so popular among millennials.


What’s the Idea Behind this Name?

It’s believed that it was Rocky who came up with this unique name for the brand, He wanted to get rid of any type of stereotypical names associated with fashion brands, and was looking for a name that not just suits a clothing line but also becomes a fashion statement, a way of living or a philosophy of life.

That’s how Rocky came up with the name Rocky which essentially means that we all “Live vlone, die vlone”. Rocky wanted to emphasize individuality as well as the power of collective effort. Hence, he chose the word “VLONE” in which the “V” essentially refers to “We” as a collective pronoun, whereas the lone is about the individuality and loneliness of every individual. According to Rocky, everyone associated with VLONE, from its employees to customers works as a team without any rigid command structure. In Rocky’s words: “We’re all a team. Nobody has too much of a [official] position.

Rocky has also recently revealed the mystery behind the meaning of the Vlone T-shirts with the Friends the minus writings. He explains that when we minus anything, it’s actually “zero minus life, minus style, minus food.” In other words, whenever you put a minus with anything, you end up with a zero or nothingness. Hence, the T-shirts with “minus friends” actually means “zero friends”. This again is about the bigger idea that we discussed earlier which is we all “live alone, die alone”.


Inspiration Behind VLONE

As we mentioned earlier, VLONE is not just another clothing brand. It’s a lifestyle, a fashion statement, and a way of life. Interestingly, the biggest inspiration behind the brand is the rapper’s “Vlone x Nav” philosophy of life. Bari explains that whether it’s music, clothing, or anything else, he just has his unique way of doing things. Since his childhood, he has been passionate about creating things and new ways of living instead of following the trend. Hence, he wanted to create a fashion statement of his own for himself instead of going after any existing brands in the market. That’s how he came up with the idea for VLONE.

It’s also important to note that the culture and lifestyle also have a great influence on Bari and Rocky, and it shows in their clothing as well as an approach to business. They always try to use art to represent their culture and history, and they want to communicate these things to the world in exciting and fashionable ways.


What Do We Know About Pop-up stores of VLONE?

When we talk about VLONE as a brand, the first thing that comes to mind are pop-up stores, a unique medium to market and sell clothes to a specific audience. The founders of VLONE never want to be associated with anything mainstream because, in their own words, they do their shit for their hood niggas only. and Vlone Pop Smoke collaborate with asap bari for vlone.

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